Mars Stabbing Should Remind Us to Put Aside Petty Beefs

Horrorcore rapper Mars was stabbed recently in some kind of fight after leaving an awards show. I don’t have any details on that, but it did get me thinking about beefs. Not the kind of beefs that cause someone to get stabbed, but the beefs you may have with someone who gets in an accident.

I’m not talking about Mars specifically anymore, but think about someone you have been beefing with over some petty, personal bs. If you hear that something tragic has happened to that person and you don’t think, “Good,” then your beef isn’t that fucking important. Life is too fragile for that bullshit.

Look at the dudes in NWA. They spent half of their career beefing, and then what happened? Just as they were about to squash it and get back in the studio, Eazy-E died. If you thought that them getting back together was just some dramatic shit that was added to the “Straight Outta Compton” movie, then you might be surprised to learn that it was well documented. For real, check that shit out because it will blow your mind. Look how close they were to making it happen and then BLAM. The death pop.

If you’re beefing with someone who used to be your homie, then congratulations, you played yourself. I’m not saying there’s not things worth fighting over, but after you take some shots back and forth then you gotta really evaluate if it was worth it or not. Random stabbings and shit happen all the time; how big of a dick would you feel like if you were beefing with someone and then they got stabbed to death? Mars didn’t die, but he could have. Anyone could, at any time, at any moment.

Don’t waste time. If your beef is on some bullshit then just sort that out like adults, because the world can be a pretty shocking place sometimes.

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