Shaggy And Clay went HARD on King Krimzon on “ThaFukEva” (with video)

On “ThaFukEva” last night, Shaggy and Clay spent a good 28 minutes ripping on King Krimzon. If you’re out of the loop, King Krimzon is the horrorcore rapper who was on Dr. Phil recently, where ICP told him he had no talent and needs to quit rapping. Ever since then, Krimzon has been having an anti-ICP meltdown and last night on Psychopathic TV, Shaggy and Clay mocked him and his diss videos. This episode of “ThaFukEva” has NOT been archived, but you can see the whole clip regarding King Krimzon here:

EDIT: Even though I thought I was super clear about this, there has been some confusion. The Murder Mayhem Show has NOTHING to do with Psychopathic TV. NOTHING! I merely ripped off the video and edited together the parts regarding King Krimzon. That’s why I put the MMS name on it. I also removed Shaggy’s phone number. Nothing else in the video has anything to do with me.

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