ROC: “I Love Joe and Joey” (with video)

At the Astronomicon “Old School Panel” on February 11th, Twiztid and ROC spent most of the hour reminiscing about old times and growing up in Detroit, but around 45 minutes in, ROC had this to say:

People say that, “You wouldn’t be shit without ICP,” Of course I wouldn’t! I’ll still, right now I’ll tell you, I love Joe and Joey. I would never want to harm them or anything like that, even though I know all this shit’s going on, why? Why? That’s just absolutely idiotic.”

In the video provided by Replicon Radio, Madrox can be seen nodding along to this sentiment. Monoxide is off camera, so I won’t speculate on his reaction. But props to ROC for showing some love like that!

Watch the full video of the panel below:

The quote about ICP starts at 45:40.

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