I made a post on February 12th about a weird post on Big Hoodoo’s social media. I’ll show you his post, and then I’ll tell you what I said:


Now what you see here is Big Hoodoo sending out a phone number for Valentine’s day candy, in a vernacular that he never uses. “Hello Friends!!!”? That just didn’t sound like Hoodoo to me. Plus, nothing else on his Instagram had ads on it, so I thought either: A) Hoodoo had been hacked. B) Hoodoo had resorted to selling ad space on his social media. Or C) Hoodoo had shared the ad on accident.

I thought option A, being hacked, was the most likely. I’ve seen shit like that happen on the internet, so why not? But in discussing it, I also said that IF (IF!) he really was being paid to advertise a candy store on Instagram, then it would be a bad sign for things at Psychopathic. Again, I kept saying that I didn’t think that’s what happened, but IF (IF!) he needed to make some extra money that way, hypothetically, then I would understand why artists kept going to MNE.

Most of the feedback I got was from people saying, “So he wants to sell chocolates? Who cares? Get off his back,” etc. etc… Now, I still maintain that IF (IF!) that were happening, then it would be a red flag. But then I noticed the phone number on the post had a 313 area code. Then it dawned on me: Option D) Hoodoo was simply passing along an ad for some business that he knows. And then I felt like an idiot.

I immediately went to Facebook to delete the post, and I saw a new comment. Someone saying, “Or he knows the person who owns that business.” Damn! Too late! My oversight was being put on blast! I deleted my Facebook post, removed it from murdermayhemshow.com, and erased any Tweets about it. The idea of Hoodoo selling candy must’ve been super important to me, because I had linked it everywhere.

The point is this: in my enthusiasm for posting a story that I thought was interesting, I didn’t think about it enough from all angles. I stick by my stance that IF (IF!) Psychopathic artists needed corny side hustles just to get paid then it would make the label look weak, but I never said that’s what was happening. Remember, I was still going with the theory that he had been hacked. But regardless, there was a perfectly good explanation right under my nose and it didn’t occur to me until hours after I posted about it, making me look rather foolish.

That is why I am now putting myself on blast, and copping up to my mistake. I titled this post, “I FUCKED UP! I FUCKED UP! (Vol. 1),” because I’m certain that I will fuck up again in the future. The bigger The Murder Mayhem Show gets (fingers crossed), the more opportunities there are for everyone to see me do something dumb. It was a minor fumble this time, but who knows what could happen in the future? Making mistakes isn’t a big deal, but making mistakes and playing it off makes you look like a buster. I’m no buster, so I want to commit to you that any time I do something that I feel I need to take back, I will own it.

The Murder Mayhem Show isn’t like Faygoluvers. And I DON’T mean that as a diss AT ALL. It’s a compliment. The reason The Murder Mayhem Show isn’t like Faygoluvers is because I have no chance at competing with Faygoluvers, nor would I ever want to or be stupid enough to try. Faygoluvers is flawless at what they do. I try to bring my own thing to The Murder Mayhem Show by injecting my own opinions and commentaries as much as I can, and as such it’s inevitable that I’ll sometimes put my foot in my mouth. It is the nature of the beast. A lot of this stuff is pretty new to me, and doing anything new is always a learning process. Going forward, I will think harder about something before I go posting it all over the place. Lesson learned.

But this time: I FUCKED UP! I FUCKED UP!

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