My Fantasy GOTJ ’18 Lineup (Main Stage and Second Stage)

I was thinking about who I’d like to see at the Gathering this year, and I wanted to see if I could imagine a lineup that was fresh as fuck but still realistic. I tried to keep within a reasonable “budget,” and use people that I thought could be accessible.

I didn’t want to rely too much one one label; it would be easy to fill one night with Ces CRU, Mayday, Stevie Stone, Big Scoob, and Tech N9ne. I tried to keep it diverse and strike a balance of styles. I also assumed that no MNE artists would be there.


This is purely FAKE AS FUCK. This is from my own brain and means nothing, other than that I had fun doing it. Of course, I had to give it my own personal preferences and flavors, so let’s break down each day:


I put Scottie D of Faygoluvers as host, because everyone loves Scottie D. It would be some easy pops. As far as I know he hasn’t shown interest in hosting, but I’m putting you on blast, Scottie!

Kottonmouth Kings are set to put out a new album this year, which would make it a perfect time for them to return to the GOTJ. Riff Raff could get Bubba Sparxxx’d, but I think he’s crazy enough to get over with the Juggalos.

I put Bloodhound Gang as the closer for late night because I want to see a BHG show featuring Daddy Long Legs of Wolfpac. You might well know that DLL is a founding member of Bloodhound Gang, so this would be a reunion show. This might be a niche show but it’s my lineup and I want to see it, bitch!


Jason Mewes was obviously in “Big Money Rustla$,” but he also did MNE’s Astronomicon this year. He’s got Juggalo love.

I want to see Tech N9ne return to the Gathering and shut people up who think there’s a beef. Lil Toenail is subject to change depending on how he does on the Slamfest tour, but if Juggalos dig him then I think he would fit in late night. I have Tha Hav-Knots closing out the night and I put DJ Clay up first so that he could stick around and DJ for Tha Hav-Knots. This might be a surprise pick but with Clay, ABK, and Hoodoo all on the stage you know that would be an absolute banger. This would be even bigger if a Hav-Knots EP were made and available for sale at the GOTJ.


Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew have often said that ICP was their favorite “Loveline” guest. Either one or, even better, as a pair, would kill. On ICP’s final “Loveline” appearance, Dr. Drew even said he would host a GOTJ stage some time. Let’s hold him to it!

Jarren Benton, Yelawolf, and Three 6 give this night a little bit of southern flavor. Three 6 would be a big one, because DJ Paul and Juicy J don’t perform together so much anymore. There’s no beef, so the GOTJ would be the perfect place to do a show. But if Psychopathic really wanted to shoot the moon, they would try for Gangsta Boo and Crunchy Black as well. Then you’ve turned a big show into a colossal show. Not only that, but with Paul and Crunchy around, I put Killjoy Club as the closer. J, Shaggy, Paul, and Crunchy.

MC Ren is a legend, so I paid the respect of giving him a hot slot. I put Lil Eazy-E in that night as well, so that Ren and Lil Eazy have the option of doing some songs together. You know that would be ultra devastating. Plus, Lil Eazy performed at the Juggalo march, so he has extra karma.


Kane Hodder played Jason Voorhees more times than anyone else, and is a major Juggalo. He also appeared at Astronomicon this year and has been down since the ’90s. It doesn’t get more wicked than Jason introducing Hell’s Pit!

RA The Rugged Man is the shit and REALLY killed it for the Juggalos on The Great Milenko Tour. He performed at the 2017 Gathering, but his show was stopped after 30 minutes due to some of that Oklahoma City Gathering staleness. To make up for it, I’d like to see him open for the biggest show of the Gathering. Hell’s Pit.

In 2017, ICP performed “Shangri-La” on the second night and then did a more conventional ICP concert on the final night. That was fresh, but why not change it up? One ICP show to build anticipation.

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