Mono Makes A Lot Of Good Points in Recent Stream

A homie on Twitter suggested I watch Monoxide’s 5/19/2018 Brunch N’ Bake, and I expected it to make me cringe. Real talk: it usually does. Most of the time when I watch his streams, I want to argue with him through the computer screen. But I always keep an open mind about shit, so when I heard that he talked about the R.O.C.’s recent social media posts, I knew I had to check it out.

I was actually surprised to see how much of it I agreed with. I was gonna send a tweet or two about it, but I had so many thoughts that I’m gonna have to break it down in a blog post! Let’s get it cracking.

03:42 – Someone in the chat shouts out R.O.C.. Mono responds,

“What’d I miss? I’m sure if he said it it’s all good, but what’d I miss? Why’s he being so celebrated right now? His record came out and nobody was celebrating. Show me your love. Don’t tell me you love him, show me you love him. Show me he’s right.”

I haven’t listened to 99% of the music that has come out on MNE since 2017, because I didn’t want to attach any bad feelings to it. I don’t want to be reminded of all this drama every time I go to listen to an album, so I’ve intentionally been waiting for this bullshit to clear up before I catch up. Monoxide is right: after what R.O.C. said, I’m gonna buy Digital Voodoo. Vote with your wallets. If you think R.O.C. is on the right path, then buy his shit! I KNOW some of y’all cynics will say that Mono is just trying to sell albums. Even if that were true (and I don’t think it is), who cares? If R.O.C.’s sales suddenly take a jump, it will send a message.

09:01 – Mono talking about “Twiztid Kids”:

“The OGs are the ones that labeled ‘Twiztid Kids,’ because the motherfuckers don’t, you know, die for ICP, or… don’t die for Blaze, even. They just like Twiztid. So they’re labeled ‘Twiztid Kids’. We didn’t think of that. We didn’t make that subculture. The ‘family’ did. The family thought it was justified to [say], ‘Ok, we’ll still be down with them, but we’re giving them a different name.’ It’s like when East Point didn’t want to be East Detroit no more. Ugh. Frustrating.”

I have always hated the “Twiztid Kids” and “Fam Kids” and “Twizzlers” bullshit. If you’re gonna disagree with some shit that Twiztid did, don’t take it out on other Juggalos. I don’t like any divisiveness in the family. The Juggalos and the “Twiztid Kids” should all be on the same team, even if they have problems with MNE or Psychopathic. I BARELY like the word Juggalette, because I’m a purist in thinking that all Juggalos are just Juggalos. But the ladies have owned Juggalette. “Twiztid Kid” and “Fam Kid” and “Twizzlers” are almost always used derogatorily. And you wanna know what’s extra crazy? I can disagree with Twiztid ten times in a row, but as soon as I give them credit for something people call me a “fam kid”. What the fuck is that? Nah, I just call the shit like I see it. Some of y’all are gonna call me a fam kid just for this blog post. Miss me with bullshit.

13:07 – Monoxide on the word “Juggalo” in the mainstream:

“The word ‘Juggalo,’ the movement, has been infiltrated by the mainstream. It’s crazy. But not Twiztid. Ain’t that weird to you guys? That every time the word ‘Juggalo’ is mentioned, it’s never followed by ‘Twiztid’ any time it has to do with the mainstream? It’s weird.”

True. Usually when some outsider tries to write an article about Juggalos for a mainstream publication, Twiztid isn’t seriously mentioned. Twiztid hasn’t been given enough credit for their contributions. Mono doesn’t seem particularly mad about this, but he’s just saying it’s weird. He’s right, it is weird.

14:13 – Someone in the chat asks Mono about people calling MNE a watered down version of Psychopathic. Mono responds,

“How are we a watered down version of anything? We’re a record label that’s got ten acts, that all of them tour nationally, that all release records. Who the fuck else is doing that in the underground? Who? Name one other fucking record label underground that’s doing close to what we’re doing. Close. There’s nobody. Nobody. But people act like there’s 100 of us doing it… That ain’t the case, y’all.”

This is one thing that MNE has been doing right since they started. They have been signing new artists and promoting them more consistently than I have seen anyone do in a long time. At Psychopathic, sometimes years go by without some artists releasing anything. ABK has been on the label for something like fifteen years and has four Psychopathic LPs. Hoodoo has been on for five years and has two Psychopathic LPs. Lyte has been on for almost a year and a half and still doesn’t have a Psychoapthic LP. I have no idea what the cause of that is, and I’m not gonna speculate. But that doesn’t happen at Majik Ninja. It seems like every time I go online I see one of MNE’s artists either putting out a new album, or opening/headlining on a big tour, or popping up at some festival, or doing spot shows. And like Mono said, there’s ten of them. When MNE sees a hole, they fill it. There’s no reason that Psychopathic couldn’t have released an Underground Avengers album after Boondox rejoined the label, but they underestimated the demand. UGA is about to put out an album on MNE and I guarantee that shit does well. When it comes to creating and pushing product, MNE is killing it.

17:30 – Mono on beef.

“Who gives a fuck? Who cares? Just wipe it. Wipe it. Motherfuckers were wrong, whoever was wrong, we don’t even give a fuck. Y’all been hating us because you thought there was this imaginary beef, and now R.O.C. has come out and quelled everybody’s fucking emotions and feelings, so now we can move past it, right? Talk about some of the shit you missed while you were hating us, or whatever the fuck was going on.

I’m fully in favor of this “just wipe it” mentality, as soon as possible. I would love to hear ICP say the same thing and just forget all this bullshit. And that includes the Bruce brothers’ issues with Young Wicked. The only choices they have are to hold on to it forever or let it go, and holding on to it forever will do nobody any good.

18:20 – Mono on the gang label.

“You guys start fucking beating up each other and doing that dumb shit because you think there’s this imaginary beef between us and Psychopathic Records, and all you’re doing is–you’re going to get put back on a fucking gang list. And maybe not for an investigation. Calm the fuck down. Calm the fuck down. How the fuck everybody was marching and now everybody’s a Goddamn gang banger? What the fuck?”

First of all, it’s good to hear him say “back” on a gang list after Madrox said last year that there is no gang list. But more to the point, he’s totally right about the gang banging. This beating each other up shit is stupid. Is that what we marched for? If this Murder Mayhem Show shit ever gets to a point that another Juggalo wants to fight me, then the first thing I’m doing at the GOTJ is squashing that shit. It is NOT going down that way.

18:54 – Mono on internet trolls.

“Just dead it. Dead it. We ain’t mad. I don’t give a fuck if you’ve been online for the last year talking shit about us because you thought there was this fuckin’ beef, and now you realize there’s not, I don’t care. Just keep going. Let’s keep going.”

Now, I fully believe that I have NOT been talking shit, but I have definitely been extra critical of Twiztid and MNE since 2017. But I also give them credit when I feel they deserve credit, and I also criticize Psychopathic when I feel they deserve criticism. The same goes for Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, Hopsin; whoever the fuck. I think I treat everyone fairly, but it does happen that I’ve disagreed with a lot of Twiztid’s moves over the last year and a half. I don’t consider that “talking shit,” but it’s good to know that Mono is willing to just leave that kind of stuff in the past. I’m so ready to leave that shit in the past too, just as soon as it moves to the past. Currently I feel like we’re still in it, so I’m not letting it go just yet, but when that day comes then fuck it. And to all y’all who have been talking shit, I suggest you take him up on his offer and cut that shit out.

27:09 – Mono on the Gathering.

“You gonna see me walk through the Gathering with my fuckin’ asshole naked. And on the front of my chest it’s gonna say, ‘What,’ and on the back of my naked ass it’s gonna say, ‘Up.’ What up??”

Uh. No comment…

29:20 – Someone in the chat asks Mono if things can go back to the way it used to be.

“That’s up to you guys. That’s up to you guys, man. You don’t understand. It’s up to y’all.”

Yes. Stop the ass kickings. Stop the trolling. Stop the bullshit. Constructive criticism is fine. There’s no point in becoming a bunch of do-bots just blowing smoke up everyone’s asses. I know that. But when it comes to the slurs and the fights and the nonsense, just cut that shit out.

Followers of The Murder Mayhem Show will know that I damn sure don’t agree with a lot of what MNE has been on for the last 17 months or so. I didn’t even agree with everything Mono said in the full stream.  But I was never mad at Twiztid for leaving Psychopathic. Hell, I wasn’t even mad at them for not playing the march. What does piss me off is how they kept saying that the gang label wasn’t real. That’s calling all the Juggalos who spoke on it liars, and I’m not with that.

That’s the biggest thing in this video that Mono doesn’t understand: he doesn’t seem to get why Juggalos don’t believe him when he says there’s no beef. The answer is simple: Twiztid shits on the march. That’s it. That’s why some of us believe it when R.O.C. says it and not when Twiztid says it. I don’t speak for all Juggalos of course, but I fully believe that if not for that, we would all trust Twiztid a lot more when they say there’s no beef.

But ultimately, this is between ICP and Twiztid, and until that gets cleared up, it’s always going to feel weird. Monoxide has clearly stated that there’s no beef on his end. I implore ICP to say the same.

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