DJ Paul Rips Juicy J a New Ass Hole on Twitter

This morning, I watched DJ Paul unleash the fury of hell on somebody through Twitter. He didn’t say any names, but early on it was obvious that it was a male member of Three 6 Mafia who is now rich and famous and no longer works with the rest of the group. So, do the math. The Juicy J math.

It looks as if Paul is mad that Juicy still reps Mafia even though Juicy has distanced himself from the rest of the click. A fair complaint? Perhaps. But the tweet storm was still upsetting to see.

#1, as a huge fan, it pains me to see Paul so obviously hurt. But also, these dudes created magic together. Legends! The kings of the ENTIRE South, as far as I’m concerned (but if you want to give that title to Geto Boys then I understand. But I digress). Their legacy doesn’t need this on it.

See all the whole thing here, courtesy of

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