Someone (or more) from MNE Will be at the GOTJ!

UPDATE: Bukshot has confirmed via Twitter that he will NOT be attending this year’s GOTJ

Monoxide was asked on his Facebook stream if anybody from MNE was going to be at the Gathering. His response: “Yes. Yep, but I won’t tell you who.” Fresh! See the video courtesy of the MNE Reno Street Team on Twitter:

My guess? Bukshot.

Buk performed, spoke, and marched in Washington D.C. during the epic Juggalo march, and has true Juggalo love. He is not currently signed to MNE as a solo act, but did recently do a deal with MNE as part of the supergroup Underground Avengers. To me, this makes him a valid candidate, though another possibility still could be Bukshot, Boondox, and Claas as UGA.

There’s also the one in a million shot that Young Wicked could return for the recently announced Killjoy Club set, but I don’t see that happening.

R.O.C. is a contender, as he and Violent J recently exchanged friendly comments through social media, and he has been quite vocal about wanting to put the beef in the past.

Or maybe it’s Twiztid themselves? You never know; Mono expressed a similar desire to dead all beefs after the DCG Con fights in May.

Of course, let me toss this out there as well: maybe it’s someone from Psychopathic who has arranged a deal with MNE, but is not announcing it until after the Gathering. I don’t think that’s likely, but I don’t want to take any possibility off the table.

My money is on Bukshot, but whoever it is, I GLADLY welcome them. Anyone who wants to play the GOTJ is the shit in my eyes, straight up.

Who do y’all think it is?

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