ICP Reveals Some FFF Details

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope live tweeted their Fearless Fred Fury studio session today during an event they called #FearlessFredFriday, and dropped some never before heard details about the new album:

Seven song titles were released

Violent J announced seven FFF song titles: “Friend Request,” “West Vernor Ave,” “Peek A Boo,” “1967,” “Game Over,” “Satellite,” and “WTF”.

“Satellite,” according to J, is about gaining perspective on your problems. “West Vernor Ave,” “Peek A Book,” “1967,” and “Game Over” were described as “story songs”. Speaking of story songs…

FFF will have more “story songs” than any previous ICP album.

FFF will have more story telling songs than any ICP album in history. J compared these new songs to classic tracks like “First Day Out” and “Never Had It Made”.

Str8Jaket is working as a producer

J referred to Str8Jaket as “our producer” during the session. He did not reveal if Str8Jaket is the sole producer of FFF, but he is definitely confirmed to have some involvement.

In addition to reveals about FFF, J also announced that a new Hatchet Herald and an appearance on The Juggalo Show would be coming soon. Shaggy also weighed in with some tweets, such as how the female spotted hyena has the largest clit of all mammals. Peep the whole Fearless Fred Friday on ICP’s Twitter page.

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