Three 6 O.G. Gangsta Boo Would be Down to Play the GOTJ

Memphis legend and Three 6 Mafia o.g. Gangsta Boo took some time on Twitter to answer questions from fans. Coming off of the news that Killjoy Club will be playing at the Gathering, I asked if she would be down to perform as well.


Hell yeah! Of course she’s gotta get paid, but plenty of artists wouldn’t play the GOTJ even for all the money in the world. And this isn’t the first time that Boo has been open to Gather; she told the No Jumper podcast in 2015, “I definitely think it’s in the near future.”

A set by Boo alone would be fresh enough, but I have to dream of a set with Boo, Paul, and Crunchy on stage at the same time! Make this shit happen, Psychopathic!

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